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  • No Name Beer Named

    After a due process and many conversations around important issues today, the name on the pump clip will be Veal Ale.

    Many thanks to all that participated in this very important decision.




  • No Name Beer

    We are looking forward to celebrating our second anniversary on Saturday 12th November, and I am delighted that Kevin at Indigenous is brewing a commemorative beer for the occasion.

    However, the name of this special brew is yet to be decided, and therefore suggestions are welcome via Facebook as to what to call this very special real ale.  Not wanting to “lead the witness” however, it’s our second anniversary and a cow theme could be a good route to go down.

    Please post your suggestions on our Facebook page and a winning name will be chosen the week before, and invited to join us on the 12th for a free pint of their named ale!


Current & past beers

Something for Tryanuary,PG steam from Pitchfork Ales.4.0% English ale. 14938121_1114378982014966_8826692118677725233_n 14992016_1114380265348171_8500743529143941082_n Belapur-I.P.A Chalkstream from Ramsbury Brewery. A 5% pale ale. A new Brewery for the Cow & Cask.Vale of Glamorgan. The beer is South Island featuring New Zealand hops. Screaming Eagles from West Berkshire Brewery Prowler Pale from Red Cat Summer Daze from Vale of Glamorgan Brewery. This is a refreshing 4.2% golden ale. A new cider on at the Cow & Cask, Fanny's Bramble a 4% BlackBerry cider. 1381 from Wantsum Brewery in Canterbury. This is a 3.8% light amber I.P.A. Beer number 265 at the Cow & Cask, Starship Fleet Wave 3 from Elusive Brewing. A 4.2% pale ale made with cascade hops. 1486818840498486546398 1486818730646898950872 IMG_20170204_132310 IMG_20170204_132304


games2 Welcome to the Cow and Cask cribnight cropped-logo 14225434_1062283797224485_4729163944932143963_n cow-and-cask

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